How To Shift The Power Back From Your Ex Girlfriend – Get Your Power Back With These Simple Steps

How would you feel if you could regain your power back from your ex girlfriend? Would you feel a surge of confidence and assurance? Would it position you to swoop back in and get your ex girlfriend back?

If so, then pay close attention to this article as it will reveal to you the wimple but powerful steps you can use to do just that.

First let's talk about relationships. They are somewhat of a power struggle right? When the relationship is great you feel amazing. But a separation can leave you feeling as if she has taken a piece of you away from you that you must reclaim. It is important that you reclaim your power because it belongs to you and you only. If you allow her to hold it captive then you will not feel competent enough to engage in future relationships and even sometimes your chosen profession.

Here is the first thing you must do. Accept the break up! This is something that you must embrace. Not for her, but for yourself. As uncomfortable as it is to not have her as your girlfriend, it is important that you realize you were losing yourself.

Tell her that the separation was the best thing. Whether you and your girlfriend decided to split for good, or just take a break from each other, whatever the situation, you MUST agree to the breakup. In order for this to be effective, you have to believe it yourself. This is why you MUST take some time and convince yourself that this was the best decision for not only her, but for yourself as well.

Once you have done this and communicated this to her, be patient. Things will not change overnight. You have to allow this reality to hit her. Most guys get to this point and then give in because they feel the minute they agree to the breakup their ex girlfriend should just come running back. It doesn't work that way.

Just as with everything else, persistence is the key. In the meantime, continue working on yourself and developing yourself into the best you that you can be. A woman loves nothing more than a man who has his own identity. A man who knows himself. This along with you agreeing to the breakup and giving her space, will allow you to reclaim your power, and it the best method for getting your girlfriend back.

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