I Want My Ex Girlfriend Back But She Won't Talk to Me

Do you want your ex back, but she refuses to take your calls? Chances are you’ve made some of the bigger mistakes most guys make after the breakup occurs. Making these mistakes is one thing, but continuing to make them is another. To get your girlfriend back you need to identify what you’re doing wrong, reverse it, and then start on the right path that will lead her back into your arms.

Immediately after breaking up, most guys can’t accept it. They fight and rage against their girlfriend’s decision to end the relationship, which only serves to anger the ex-girlfriend even more. If you’re one of those guys who tried to fix the relationship in the minutes and hours immediately after she dumped you, you probably did more damage than you did good. Rectifying that mistake is an important part of making your ex girlfriend want you back.

You’ll never get back together again until your ex girlfriend first misses you . If you’re writing her, e-mailing her, text messaging and calling her, she’s never going to have the chance to see life without you. She’ll never be lonely, and she’ll never feel the need to call you up in the middle of the night just to talk. These are the things that bring couples back together, and you’re denying yourself a chance at them by overly contacting your ex-girlfriend.

When you get to the point where your ex-girlfriend won’t even talk to you, you’ve done some serious damage. She’s probably feeling very strange around you, and weirded out by your constant contact. She also does not know what to say to you, because anything she says or does is not something you want to hear. At this point you need to leave your ex-girlfriend alone. Until you do this, you chances of getting your ex-girlfriend back are getting worse and worse, rapidly approaching zero.

There is some good news however. Even if you’ve damaged your relationship with your ex to the point where she won’t accept your calls, there are ways of turning around her way of thinking and bringing your ex-girlfriend back to you. These methods and techniques are simple, but they require patience. They also require dedication on your part to follow them to the T.

Getting your ex back isn’t something you do without a step-by-step plan . Understanding this is a crucial part of being successful in your efforts for reconciliation. Stop trying to think there’s a magic fix that will instantly reverse your breakup, because there is none. Only in the movies can people get back together instantly and without effort. In the real world you need a logical, rational approach. Once you have a blueprint for winning back your girlfriend, you can follow it carefully and work toward putting your relationship back together again.

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