Your Ex Girlfriend Keeps Texting You – What Does it Mean?

So she dumped you … but your phone keeps beeping. For some reason or another, your ex girlfriend is still texting you, even after the breakup. But how can you tell if she’s missing you, or if she’s just making friendly contact?

Alright, let’s begin by clearing up a very common misconception: your ex girlfriend doesn’t want to be friends with you. Despite what other people may tell you, the “friends with your ex” scenario is nothing more than a temporary fantasy. It’s doomed to failure, and it’s also a coverup for your ex’s true feelings. So if you think friendly communication just might be the case? It’s not.

Main Reasons Why Your Ex Will Still Text You

If your ex girlfriend keeps texting you after the end of your relationship, one thing is for certain: she’s not over you yet . Although she might not be ready to jump back into your arms right now, your ex is reaching out to you because she doesn’t want you to go anywhere (or see anyone else).

Post-breakup, text-messaging is a more cowardly form of contact. It’s what your girlfriend will do when she’s not sure what to say to you. It’s also her way of getting things off her chest without being involved in a long, lengthy (and possibly awkward) conversation with you. By texting you, your ex girlfriend gets to have her say … as well as the final word.

By the same token however, your ex can also use texting as a form of control. Under the guise of innocent small talk, your ex girlfriend can keep tabs on where you are and what you’re doing. The “I’m only being friendly” excuse is nothing more than a smokescreen for what’s really happening: your ex girlfriend is exploring the limits of being single while still trying to maintain positive communication with you.

What Should You Do When Your Ex Girlfriend Text-Messages You?

Well first of all, are you looking to win your ex back? If so, the fact that she’s texting you is very good news. It shows that she still has residual feelings and unresolved emotional bonds to you. Even after breaking up with you, there’s a part of your ex’s psyche that just won’t let go of your previous relationship. To keep that ember glowing, your ex will maintain some sort of text-based or email contact.

In reality though, answering your ex’s text-messages is probably the worst thing you can do. The more you go back and forth with these little electronic notes, the harder it will be to get your ex back. The reason for this is simple: you’re not giving your girlfriend the chance to actually MISS You. Because you’re always at the end of her fingertips, she gets all the benefits of being single … but without the drawbacks of wondering whether or not you yourself have moved on without her.

As much as you still love your ex and want her back, imagine ignoring her texts for a moment. Try to picture how puzzled she’ll be when you’re not writing her back or acknowledging the fact that she’s contacting you at all. The more you withdraw here, the greater the need your ex girlfriend will have for you. This goes for any form of contact, but it’s especially true of text-messaging.

Looking to reverse your breakup and date your ex again? Don’t sit idly by, just hoping she comes back. Instead, you need to be proactive about getting back together. There’s a ton of great stuff you can do that will very quickly make your ex girlfriend want you back.

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