Top 5 Best Road Trip Destinations in Tamil Nadu

In the lap of Himalayas, a Road Trip is an experience that will be memorable for everyone. It takes you through the scintillating hill stations of Himalayan region. You will have a wonderful opportunity to observe the beauty of Himalayan peaks, mountains, valleys and lovely lakes. So plan your trip according to some of the major attractions of India. A Himalayan tour allows you to visit the famous hill stations of India like; Ladakh, Sikkim, Dharamshala, Amdapura, Karakoram, Pahalgam, etc. Here is a short overview of all popular places for your Road Trip.

Best Road Trip location

Ladakh: This is the best location if you want to know more about the history of Ladakh. The people of this region are quite adventurous and love adventure. If you are interested in exploring the beautiful landscape of the region, then Ladakh is the best place for you. You will have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the best of the trekking routes on the Great Himalayan Road. You can also do some shopping of various items in this region. If you plan to spend your holidays with family members, then this place can prove as the best Road Trip location.

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Nadi Tagam: This is another wonderful tourist destination. It is located in the foothills of Nilgiri Hills. This place has a pleasant climate with cool breeze. There are many lovely spots to explore on this route. You can get a beautiful view of the lovely valleys, lovely lakes, stunning mountains and charming hamlets on the way to Nadi Tagam.

Ellaora: This is another small hill station located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is famous among nature lovers and adventurers. The beautiful hill station is very popular among tourists. It is visited by more than travelers. Trek enthusiasts, nature lovers, travelers and adventure seekers visit this charming hill station.

Dharamshala: This is a well-known and popular destination in northern India. It is famous for excellent scenic beauty and exotic wildlife. Trek enthusiasts, wildlife enthusiasts, mountain bikers and tourists all gather at this beautiful place in search of a different way to enjoy their trip. Though there are different ways to drive at Dharamshala, but it is best to explore it on the Ring Road.

Tamil Nadu: Tamil Nadu is one of the most preferred tourist places in India. It is located in the south western part of India. Some popular tourist places in this state are: Thekkady, Chennai, Idduki, Munnar, Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Thoothua, Ellora, Echo Point etc. The best way to enjoy a one day trip to Tamil Nadu is to travel in an auto rickshaw or a bus. Auto rickshaws can take you to all famous tourist places within this state.

Peliyar National Park: This is a very popular and favorite destination of trekkers, travellers and adventure lovers. You can take a one day trip to this national park by renting a Jeep or a car. In this national park, there are many beautiful landscapes, lakes, springs, waterfalls, lush plantations and other natural features that you can see from a distance. Some popular natural attractions that you can see in this park are: Stok Palace, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Nandi Hills, Silent Valley, Yayamakad, Silent Valley Falls, etc. One best way to travel at this place is to take a bus or an auto rickshaw.

Ellaora Villa: This is another world heritage site that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. There are many wonderful activities that you can do at this beautiful accommodation site such as trekking, scuba diving, rock climbing, paragliding, golf, swimming, etc. You can start your trip from any of the popular tourist spots at Ellaora. In fact, you can simply stay at this villa and enjoy uninterrupted luxury even after you have reached your journey destination. The nearest station to Ellaora is Mangalore and the last station to reach your destination is Devikulam in the east.

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